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Going back to my roots

April 6, 2017

Hairdressing is a wonderfully rewarding profession that allows you to explore your creativity and meet a hugely diverse range of people. It’s a constantly evolving industry as fashions can and does change so quickly. And for as long as people have hair, it’s an industry that will never run out of customers.


Getting started in hairdressing can be a daunting prospect though. A person’s style is very important to them. Their hair is a major part of their appearance and an expression of who they are. There is always pressure to make sure that the customer falls in love with their style first time, every time.


So what is the best way to get started in hairdressing?


The two main routes are classroom based qualifications and getting an apprenticeship at a working salon. While there are certainly benefits to both, an apprenticeship will get you into the salon, learning all aspects of the business from the ground up straight away and earning a wage while you learn. Apprenticeships are the best option as all the training is given in the salon so there’s no need to go college.


We feel that there’s no better way for you to learn than on the job in amongst the day-to-day goings on at a salon, with experienced hairdressers there to help and to pass on their knowledge. Apprenticeships are great for beginners because they give you as much experience as possible, as quickly as you are capable.


You would assist in many aspects of work, from meeting and greeting customers and shampooing to more technical procedures like cutting, colouring and styling. You can learn as you go, see the different challenges you are likely to encounter and discover if hairdressing really is the career for you. There is so much potential for a promising apprentice, ranging from salon work to session stylist and magazine or TV work.


At River Hair, we know how important experience is in the salon, but we are also committed to discovering the next generation of great hairstylists and love working with trainees, whether they are just starting their first career or are making the brave steps into a new one. 


So if you are passionate about a career in hairdressing, get in touch with us at River Hair to talk about our apprenticeship schemes available to you.


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